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About us

In accordance with the principles promoted by the World Federation of Tourist Guides WFTG (THE WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDES)  in Novi Sad, the Association of Tourist Guides of Novi Sad (UTVNS) was founded in 1986.  The association gathers professional tourist guides, of whom there are 48 today. They speak several world languages and are available to domestic and foreign visitors, ready to present their city, region and country in the best possible way. 

The association, as a non-profit and non-political organization, was founded with the aim of bringing together professionally qualified persons, who are constantly or occasionally engaged in the work of a tourist guide, and to constantly work on raising the level of services provided by its members.  

The association provides its members with professional training, as well as the protection of their interests and rights before state authorities, tourist and social organizations and individuals. 

Association of Tourist Guides of Novi Sad (UTVNS)encourages and supports the use of local tourist guides from whom users can receive the most complete and professional service.


Jelena Bukurov - president,

Daniel Metikos - vice president,

Alina Basarić - secretary, 

Slađana Velendečić - member,

Stevo Jelić - member.

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